Educational leadership

This course is a baseline course on leadership. The materials have been developed from a Christian view on leadership, but have also been inspired by modern writers on (school) leadership. The course starts with aspects of leadership, inspired by a passage from the Bible. Participants will be asked to reflect on their own situation from a Biblical perspective.



Leading a school to the next level! This training contributes to the personal development of consultants concerning their consultancy activities.


How to understand and support children in need of help

The core-business of a teacher is teaching children to read, write and calculate. However, that is not everything they do in their daily work. The attention of teachers is not limited to the intellectual aspects of a child’s development. A good teacher does not separate a child’s learning process from the other aspects of their physical, emotional and social development.


Parents as partners

This training contributes to the personal development of teachers and school leaders concerning collaboration with parents. Parent involvement is used to create more opportunities to help children learn better and to become empowered by learning. Teachers learn how to communicate effectively with parents and how to plan and carry out different types of parent involvement.


The Art of Teaching

In this course we focus on the teachers, their teaching skills and their roles in the learning process of children. We focus on the everyday experience: the lessons of yesterday and tomorrow. These will be discussed in the context of the higher purpose of Christian education derived from Scripture.


The Essential Christian Teacher

A course for teachers who are committed to transforming their classroom practice to serve the purposes of God in the lives of their students. A course with personal impact.


Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made is a teaching curriculum for sexual and relationships education based on Christian values with a holistic approach. It can be implemented in families, churches and schools. Several editions are available for primary education, secondary education and special education.


The Essence of Christian Teaching

In 2018, we published the book The Essence of Christian Teaching. The aim of this concise school pedagogy is to equip Christian teachers. Since then, the book has been used by many teachers worldwide. We are glad to announce that there are now (online) study materials available for The Essence of Christian Teaching.