The Art of Teaching

  • Startdate Unknown
  • Study duration <1 year
  • Level Training
  • Type Part-time

In this course we focus on the teachers, their teaching skills and their roles in the learning process of children. We focus on the everyday experience: the lessons of yesterday and tomorrow. These will be discussed in the context of the higher purpose of Christian education derived from Scripture.

Participants of the training will see that one’s view on the purpose of Christian education will strongly influence the way they view children including themselves as teachers. The teachers will learn how to adjust their educational methods according to the differences between the children. On top of that, they will learn how to stimulate the children to learn actively, which can be a complex process in large classes.

During the course active and cooperative learning strategies will be practiced and discussed. Also several resources that can support teaching will be presented.

Target group

Teachers who want to improve their teaching skills in order to make their students perform better.

Goals of the training

This course will help teachers to comprehend how children learn and can reach their potential and will make teachers aware of their important role in this process. 

Participants will achieve the goals by: 

1. Practising the actual lesson preparation: They are able to implement the principles of lesson designing in their daily teaching practice. 

2. Reflecting on the purpose of education and the roles of a teacher: They are able to reflect on the goal of education and are able to adjust their teaching methods accordingly.

3. Acquiring and perfecting didactical and pedagogical skills. They have:

  • A good pedagogical and Biblical view of the child and understand children’s needs and learning preferences;
  • A good pedagogical and Biblical view of the teachers and their role in the children’s development; 
  • An acquisition of necessary knowledge to develop a more interactive relationship with students;
  • An understanding of what active and cooperative learning is and know how to implement activities that stimulate this kind of learning;
  • A clear view on how and why to use resources in a meaningful way and how to create a rich learning environment.

More information and contact

For more information about this training and to apply, please contact us!