The Essential Christian Teacher

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  • Study duration <1 year
  • Level Training
  • Type Part-time

A course for teachers who are committed to transforming their classroom practice to serve the purposes of God in the lives of their students. A course with personal impact.

Is your school or school organization interested in having committed teachers to transform their classroom practice and to serve the purposes of God in the lives of their students? This course may contribute to equipping teachers in their professional and spiritual lives in the school and classroom.

Together with Hope in Education (UK), we also offer a training that combines the theory of The Essence of Christian Teaching with effective practical workshops intended to equip the classroom practitioner. The Essential Christian Teacher blends the conceptual framework of the book with everyday practices in order to assist a teacher’s development.

All activities have been developed out of classroom practice and help teachers and school leaders in ways that inform discipleship and genuine Christian education. Core themes resonating through the two approaches include an understanding of different worldviews, as education is always a fight for the hearts and minds of the next generation; the character of the teacher; the quality of the student, teacher relationship and the development of a holistic vision for life.

Course aims

  • It will help Christian teachers define what it means to be a genuinely Christian practitioner in the community of a Christian school;
  • It will deepen the insight of Christian teachers at the academic level as well as at a practical and spiritual level.  

Target group

Christian teachers in their own national settings, who:

  • Have had some formal training;
  • Have had some teaching experience;
  • Are in a setting that gives them freedom to shape a collegiate and Christian approach to their teaching.

Content of the course

The course consists of twelve sessions. In consultation with you, the course can be shortened or extended. The teaching scheme below implies a two-day course, each day comprising of 6 x 1 hour sessions.

Materials have been developed by experienced teachers and consultants in England and the Netherlands. The English input was delivered by Phill Moon (Bradford Christian School) and a leader in the Christian Schools Trust. The Dutch contribution was given by Henk Vermeulen (Driestar Christian University).

Contextualization to your national setting

To make sure that the participants of the course will be able to get connected to the content, you may want to adjust some of the topics to your cultural, national setting. We are more than willing to co-create the content desired. 

The authors have been encouraged by the results of sharing these workshops in diverse cultural settings from the UK to Nepal and from the Netherlands to America.

Classroom and/or online training

The training can be delivered at your school or institute or at Driestar Christian University (Gouda, the Netherlands) by means of classroom training and by online training (or blended learning).


The course will be taught by either trainers of Driestar Christian University or by trainers of Hope in Education.




Please, contact us for more information on The Essential Christian Teacher. Also in case you would like to talk through more options for a training for your setting and information about prices, please let us know.