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Wonderfully Made

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  • Study duration <1 year
  • Level Training
  • Type Part-time

Wonderfully Made is a teaching curriculum for sexual and relationships education based on Christian values with a holistic approach. It can be implemented in families, churches and schools. Several editions are available for primary education, secondary education and special education.

Product info

The total package of Wonderfully Made consists of the following items and are available in English:  

  • Practical lesson plans including ready-to-use words and questions for dealing with situations with children; 
  • Clear and supportive illustrations; 
  • Digital resources including PowerPoint presentations, images and texts; 
  • Website. 

Training of the users 

Users are equipped by the training consisting of practical instructions and advice.

Topics that are covered:

  • The place of sexuality in the Bible and in the context of the country;
  • The implementation of this program in the specific context including inspiring ideas for conversations about relationships, sexuality and protective behaviors;
  • Overcoming possible barriers on the side of the users as well as on the side of the children;
  • The background of the program, as well as the broader context of sexual abuse.


For schools we offer the booklet "Wonderfully Made for Parents". It contains a summary of each lesson and a guide for conversations at home. In addition to that, we advise on the organization of parent meetings.

Wonderfully made

Wonderfully made

Introduction video


We highly value the contextualization of the program in its cultural setting to be sure of the most impact in young lives. We therefore developed a format for working together with our partners. Co-creation is the key word in this process!

Wonderfully Made in other countries

In several countries all over the world, the Wonderfully Made program has been implemented or has been asked for, such as:

  • Papua, Indonesia
  • Canada
  • Ecuador (pilot project)
  • Mexico (pilot project)
  • Philippines (Life Skills project)
  • Germany

Wonderfully Made developments

We offer the curriculum for primary education in English (American as well as British English) and look forward to having a German version available as well in 2021. A Spanish version will be completed by the end of 2020. We already have several Spanish lesson plans available.

Partners on their experience with Wonderfully Made

More information and contact

For more background information, visit the website of Wonderfully Made. Please, contact us for price quotation or for the 'Wonderfully made Preview and Outline'.