• Startdate Unknown
  • Study duration <1 year
  • Level Training
  • Type Part-time

Leading a school to the next level! This training contributes to the personal development of consultants concerning their consultancy activities.

A crucial part of the training is about developing a baseline in the schools that the consultants may visit. Another part deals with the translation of baseline outcomes into a development program for the school where change is needed. During the course, the challenges that come with implementation will be discussed.

In another module, participants will learn about educational leadership and the responsibilities of school leaders. “Leading yourself” will be discussed, connected with an introduction of Covey’s seven habits. Regarding change leadership, participants will be equipped to identify change factors and to mention steps to bring change into practice. On top of that, participants will be made aware of the power of a vision and collective ambition in leading a team and will learn different ways to motivate its members.

The starting point of the training is the practice that participants will be asked to reflect on from the new insights they gained from the theory discussed. Each day, the training starts with a devotion based on a passage from the Bible. These devotions put the themes of the day in the light of the Kingdom of God. It may also encourage the consultants to have their values and ambitions aligned with God’s purposes for education.

Target group

Anyone who is involved in the sector of school advisory as a trainer or consultant.

Goals of the training

After the training the participants will know:

    • How to develop and maintain good relationships with school leaders;
    • How people are influenced by paradigms and what is necessary to make a paradigm shift;
    • How to work on communication skills e.g. feedback in light of the consultancy work;
    • How to work from problem to plan and from plan to advice. How to translate baseline outcomes into a development path for the school;
    • How to lead effectively in a culture of change;
    • How to monitor a project, including time-management. 

More information and contact

For more information about this training and to apply, please contact us!