The Essence of Christian Teaching

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In 2018, we published the book The Essence of Christian Teaching. The aim of this concise school pedagogy is to equip Christian teachers. Since then, the book has been used by many teachers worldwide. We are glad to announce that there are now (online) study materials available for The Essence of Christian Teaching.

The authors (Dr Bram de Muynck, Dr Bram Kunz and Dr Henk Vermeulen) have created video recordings that contain a Bible study, an explanation of one of the book's chapters, and discussion questions. There is also a booklet with further questions and activities for team sessions. 

You may reflect on the positive and challenging aspects of teaching in general, but the real question is: what are the characteristics of a Christian Teacher? The course and learning materials are centred around this question. 

In this online training (e-learning), we argue that your Christian beliefs and your spiritual life can indeed have a lot of impact on you as a professional. We think there is something essential that makes your teaching happen in the spirit of Christ. We provide guidelines for the everyday educational practice. 

Do you want to discuss and grow with your team and deepen your vision of Christian education? Follow this e-learning training via our online platform!

The training is based on our book 'The Essence of Christian Teaching'. The book is a publication in which we present our views on the essence of Christian education. The book is available in the following languages: Dutch, English, Hungarian and Korean. 

We recommend you do not just watch the videos. You could follow the modules individually or as a team on our e-learning platform. The videos are accompanied by activities/questions for discussion in order to provide more in-depth reflection on Christian Teaching. We invite you and your team to work independently with the material. In doing so, we wish you much success and God’s blessing!


  • to help the Christian teachers define what it means to be a genuine Christian practitioner in the community of a Christian school. 
  • to deepen the insight of the Christian teachers at an academic level as well as at a practical and spiritual level. 

Target group Christian teachers who, each according to their own situation: 

  • have had some formal training. 
  • have had some teaching experience. 
  • are in a setting that gives them the freedom to shape an educational and Christian approach to their teaching. 

Course content  

  • The purpose of Christian education
  • The teacher
  • The pupils
  • Value-driven education and curriculum
  • The school as a community

Training professors and authors of the book

  • Dr. Bram de Muynck 
  • Dr. Bram Kunz 
  • Dr. Henk Vermeulen 


Team course€ 595* 
Individual course€ 95* 
Live 1-hour session on request (1 lector)€ 125 

* Includes the costs of the book (max. 15 books per team), but not the shipping costs.

               Shipping costs:                                                                             

  • Small package: for 1 book it varies between 8 - 12 euros (depending on country of destination).               
  • Medium package: for 15 books it varies between 19 - 60 euros (depending on country of destination).


If you would like to delve deeper into this topic, it is possible to arrange online meetings with the authors. Contact us for all the possibilities and more information.

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