16 December 2020

Pilot reflective learning app at Haiti Tec

“What prevents us from learning?’ One of the questions that one day appeared on the reflective learning app PETE. That stayed in my head the whole day,” says Garçon Slandell from Haiti, trainer and participant of the pilot of the app. 

In October and November 2020, DCU ran a pilot at Haiti Tec, a technical and vocational training center in Haiti. The pilot was coordinated by INCE Product & Solution Delivery. 

The reflective learning app is aimed at strengthening 20 trainers in their professional development concerning Teaching online more effectively and Motivating students. Trainers have set their own goals in these areas and share them in the app with all participants. The online coach of the Bedderx company in the Netherlands gives feedback on the personal learning goals. In addition, the trainers receive nudges on their chosen topic twice a week to encourage them to act and to inspire their students. In the app, coach and trainers of Haiti Tec can meet and share their experiences in the Dialogue. 

Haiti Tec is one of the partners of the INCE Haiti consortium. After the pilot we would like to find more opportunities to have the reflective app implemented in more projects in Haiti, such as a project on improving literacy in primary education.  

Pierre Louis Saint Juste (trainer at Haiti Tec)

‘For me the app is an instrument for personal development, so I can work on thedevelopment of the students. It helps me to stay motivated and to overcome challenges. In this way I can transfer my motivation to the students, to keep them motivated as well. The students reacted positive. They paid more attention to my lessons.’

Garçon Slandell (trainer at Haiti Tec)‘One of the things I really like, is that the nudges really changed my way of thinking as a teacher. I would like to quote one of them: ‘What prevents us from learning?’ That stayed in my head the whole day. Also, the nudge that talks about the yellow objects in our environment helped me to realize that details in my lessons are very important. I have to point at details to make my students see those details. I also really liked the 'Goals' and the 'Notes' part of the app. It helps me to look back and see the results I accomplished and creates more impact.’