16 December 2020

Wonderfully Made International

Many schools and parents are looking for ways to strengthen the relationships and sexual health of the children and young people in their care. Wonderfully Made is a curriculum for sexual and relationship education developed from a Christian perspective. We see a growing interest in the curriculum from partners all over the world.

One of the projects is run at the Georg-Müller-Schulen (GMS) in Bielefeld and Steinhagen (Germany). The schools are part of the large network Verband Evangelischer Bekenntnisschulen (VEBS) that decided to contextualize the Wonderfully Made programme and implement it first in Bielefeld and Steinhagen before considering rolling it out in more schools in the region and finally in most VEBS schools.

Michael Pieper, CEO of GMS: ’It is becoming more important for us as an individual  school and for the community of VEBS to find our own way in the field of sexual education when secular programmes are predominant.‘ 

Henryk Hommel, principal at GMS in Steinhagen said: ’Our students mostly come fromChristian backgrounds and the teachers feel responsibility to teach them Biblical truth to the highest pedagogical standards. The special view that students are created by God requires us and them to think in new ways and use excellent materials. Wonderfully Made materials match these challenges.’ 

At the moment the project team of GMS is working hard on the translation and contextualization activities. Expected Implementation of WM: academic year 21–22 (try-out/review).

For more information, visit the website: Wonderfully Made