16 December 2020


Driestar Christian University aims to share their knowledge with you not only in standardized courses, but also in tailor made pathways, focusing on your needs and possibilities.

To mention an example, we contributed to the Local Resource Mobilisation (LRM) training during the last week of September 2020. In a Zoom meeting we educated the future trainers on “Essentials for leadership trainers.” The objective of the training was: Participants know important skills, attitude and knowledge they will need in their future role as trainer in the LRM program, especially focusing on their leadership skills.

The session was a mix of theory and practice. There were moments of instruction, discussion and reflection. The participants were very actively involved and willing to share their experiences. It was encouraging to listen to the various experiences, to reflect on it together and to learn from each other.

This is only one example of a customized training program. Please contact us if you have ideas for these kinds of programs in your context.

A review by:

Oksana Skliar, LRM master trainer 
Training director, NGO International Leadership and Development Centre Kyiv, Ukraine

‘In LRM training, the topic of leadership presented by Jaap Braaksma was very inspiring. He is an example of expertise and excellent teaching! I understood what skills I should develop as a team leader and in a broader context for the community. I am very grateful for the tools and practical recommendations that I am using now in working with my employees and in implementing projects today.’