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     Understanding the times and knowing what to do 
    Standing as Christians in a diverse and pluriform society 

We live in a pluralistic and diverse society. How do we deal with the spirit of our times? What is our mission in this society as Christians and as Christian educators? At this year's conference we hope to try to interpret and unmask the 'zeitgeist'. It is important to recognise influences, be prepared and stay close to our calling! We aim to be a blessing by being salt and light in our communities, but how do we practice what we preach? As Christian educators, we need to understand the present times and prepare ourselves and our students. Are we equipping our students through our curriculum and learning communities to be that salt and light? Moreover, the way that we approach this situation will depend on how God’s Word is working within us.

ECCEN 2023


Here you are also able to download the lectures and PowerPoint presentations which were presented during the Conference (September 2018)


Lecture by Rev. J.B. Zippro 
The Bible and my neighbour

Lecture by Prof. dr. Willem van Vlastuin  
Stand on a foundation

Lecture by Phill Moon 
Stand for a new generation 


 Lecture by G.J.M. Segers

How can we influence our secular culture as we approach 2020?

Lecture by Rev. Dr. M.J.Kater

How should we think about leadership as we approach 2020?

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Lecture by Dr. J. Shortt

How can we lead our schools and pupils as we approach 2020?

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Lecture by Rev. A. Huijgen

The Christian Life Towards 2020: The End of Times?

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Open space session

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