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                                                Leadership in a turbulent world
How do we lead our school, staff and pupils? 

                                                            19-21 March 2025

We are living in a turbulent world. We face the impact of social media and Artificial Intelligence…It is evident that Christian values and norms and communities are under pressure. We and our pupils interact with the current society ….  How do we deal with these developments in our schools? How can we spiritually lead our schools and pupils? 

We need guidance from the Bible and the Holy Spirit. Based on this solid foundation we will centre our ECCEN 2025 conference around the following questions: 

  • How do we lead our school as a community?
  • How do we lead our staff? 
  • How do we lead our pupils to become independent people who serve God?
  • How do we lead ourselves as leaders? 

To be able to find the answers to these questions we need to understand the time and spirit we are living in, we need to know who our opponents are, and last but not least we need to be committed to Christ! 

Our aim at this conference is to learn from each other as well as our speakers who are Christian leaders and influencers from different branches of our society. ECCEN 2025 will feature varied experiences from across Europe and in that spirit we extend a warm welcome to all our international guests. 

The main purpose is that we go home encouraged, in connection with God, ourselves, our schools, our politicians in connection with our media and our society.

The conference is also an opportunity to meet, encourage and empower each other. We hope to meet you all! Let's unite together at the 6th International ECCEN Conference 2025!  

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all!

ECCEN (European Conference for Christian Education in the Netherlands) organise conferences for school leaders and teachers of Christian Schools across Europe, drawing together different cultures, nationalities and professions within Christian education.

ECCEN is committed to playing an active role in bringing together all the individual threads of Christian education to foster knowledge, promote the exchange of expertise and to strengthen each other for the future.