6 February 2020

Wonderfully Made: video and preview

We know there is a need for materials and training with regard to sexual and relationship education from a Christian perspective. This conclusion comes from the results of the questionnaire we shared earlier this year and from the contacts we have with different partners all over the world. Many persons showed interest in English materials, with the aim to explore whether Wonderfully Made would fit the own context.

Recently we published a short video about Wonderfully Made at our website. We also made an extensive document with the outline and preview of Wonderfully Made, available in English and Spanisch. This document outlines our vision of the Wonderfully Made curriculum and training. It describes the core and outline of related materials as well as our guidelines for the development and implementation of new products in new contexts. Furthermore, the document contains some translated lessons from different Dutch products and shows some of the used images. You can download the document in English or Spanish here.  

Wonderfully Made 

 Wonderfully Made is a teaching curriculum for sexual and relationship education with Christian values. In the Netherlands several editions are available for primary education, secondary education and special education. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with other countries.

Shared need 

 Almost 30 partners, coming from different organizations, schools and churches all over the world responded to our questionnaire in 2017. We could conclude that there is a need for materials and training with regard to sexual and relationship education form a Christian perspective. Respondents mentioned the need for more knowledge and more skills to talk about these intimate issues. There is little experience in collaborating with parents on these themes.

Next steps

 From this stage onwards we would like to work on the development of products translated and customized to various contexts. We already started to make some project plans together with partners form different countries. When you are interested in the development of materials and training for the context of your school or project or if you have any remarks or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us