29 November 2023

Patrice: 'My perspective on education and quality education has broadened'

The Master’s Programme Learning and Innovation, track: Christian Education, will start in September 2024 with a new group of international students.

If you want to deepen your knowledge and skills for Christian education, you are welcome to participate. By following this programme experienced teachers, principals, school leaders or people working in educational aid organizations will become teacher leaders. 


Patrice Kam is from Burkina Faso and is a student in the Master’s programme in Learning and Innovation, Track: Christian Education at Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education. “This programme appeared to me as an opportunity for personal professional growth.” 


“I work with Woord en Daad for the International Network for Christian Education-Burkina Faso (INCE-BF) as a Project Manager since 2018. As INCE-BF project Manager, my role is to take the organisation to a full broker role by mobilizing major education sector stakeholders for a system transformation of education in Burkina Faso. 

By doing so, we have built a consortium for Christian education actors that is being positioned at a sector level to effectively influence policies but also to cocreate needs-based solutions to better nurture Christian education in our country.  

Two reasons led me to the Master’s programme in Learning and Innovation, Track: Christian Education. The first, starting as junior project manager, I needed such a programme in my growth towards becoming a project manager. 

The second reason is my personal interest in education in general and in Christian education: this programme appeared to me as an opportunity for personal and professional growth that will help link the Christian education perspective as an ideal (what it should be) with what it actually is in the classroom by designing concrete innovative solutions to real classroom practice problems. 


In this Master’s programme, the research lectures are scheduled from the start through to the end with effective reading support. This Master’s is for me a great pathway for my personal and professional development of critical thinking about what I do and do not do, how to improve what I do, collaboratively. The Master’s is also a community building opportunity which allows me to effectively share experiences internationally about education practices, challenges and opportunities, diversities, etc. 

The added value of this for me is twofold: first, without blaming myself or anyone else, I can critically reflect on my professional practices and take the steps to improve things in a way that engages my coworkers, and secondly, my perspective on education and quality education has broadened. I have shared my experience with colleagues from many other countries and learned what is going on internationally.” 

Start of Master’s in 2024   

We intend to have a new cohort starting the Master’s programme every two years, with the next cohort starting in September 2024. You can register from November 2023. It is also possible to take individual modules as Short Courses. You can find more informationhere.