1 December 2023

International Class 2024: Registration is now open

Since 2010 we offer our international class programme. Since then, every year we invited students from different cultural backgrounds and views on education to join our local students in discussing education and teaching. 


We would like to invite you to join our International Class at Driestar Christian University University for Teacher Education in Gouda, the Netherlands. Participants meet in our courses to talk about education from different perspectives and to discuss the impact of their (Christian) beliefs on their teaching practice. 

Student about International Class

Dorottya Berlinger, student from Hungary:

"Participating in the International Class has significantly enriched my life by exposing me to diverse cultures, enhancing my communication skills, and broadening my global network. 

Interacting with classmates from various backgrounds has deepened my understanding of different customs and perspectives, fostering personal growth and an open-minded approach. 

The experience has not only improved my language proficiency, particularly in English, but also strengthened my problem-solving skills through navigating cultural differences. 

Additionally, the exposure to different faiths within the class has prompted valuable introspection, deepening my spiritual understanding and reinforcing the significance of faith in my personal and professional journey."

International ClassChristian education

Students who are studying for a degree in education or graduated teachers are welcome to participate in our International ClassChristian education. 
The International Class consists of ten students from abroad and ten students of our own university.  It is meant to be a multi-cultural group where we focus on Christian education 

  • Duration: 12 weeks 

  • Course dates: 4 September till 22 November 2024 

  • Application deadlines 

  • Registration deadline 1: 15 March 2024 (non-EU) 

  • Registration deadline 2: 1 June 2024 (if places are available) 

  • ECTS: 15/20 

  • Tuition fee: € 1.195,- (non-Erasmus+) 

A unique opportunity for each participant! 

  • Education from a distinctly Christian perspective. 

  • Crossing cultural borders. 

  • Working in cross-cultural teams, teaching practice at Dutch schools. 

  • Improving practical skills. 

  • Personal development, personal growth. 

  • Student guidance. 

  • Devotions and social events/excursions. 

  • Accommodation is provided next to the university.  


For enrolment, conditions for application and student profile visit our website and the Application form.  

More information 

If you are interested and would like to have more information about our programmes, don’t hesitate to be in contact. 
We look forward to welcome you in our International Class!