4 October 2022

Master’s degree in Learning and Innovation: Christian Education

In September 2022, we again started our blended Master’s programme in Learning and Innovation, track: Christian EducationThis third cohort includes nine students from various countries who meet online every Tuesday. The students, from Burkina Faso, France, Indonesia, Nepal, Netherlands, Saint Eustatius, South Sudan and Vietnam, have started their first semester with the theme: Christian Education: A Practices Approach. 

On-campus seminar 

In February 2023 we have an on-campus seminar planned and welcome the students in Gouda where they can physically meet each other for the first time and get to further know each other, our institute and Dutch education. The second semester also starts in February, with a focus on the theme Developing Organisations and People: The Intersection of Leadership, Ethos and Curriculum. 

Thanks, Hanna! 

 Our colleague Dr. J.J. (Hanna) de Jong-Markus, who has been our Master’s programme coordinator for many years, is stepping down. Hanna will continue to be connected to our institute where other projects require her attention. We asked her to write a message for us:

There is a Dutch coffee brand that has the slogan: "Taste the world, enrich your taste.” Actually, that is exactly what I have been doing in recent years as track coordinator of our international Master's Programme Learning and Innovation, track: Christian Education. That makes me grateful. 
Several years ago we began exploring whether Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education could also offer something at a Master's level for those who want to deepen their knowledge and experiences about Christian education. I had the honor of being involved in developing the programme together with lecturers from home and abroad. By now we already have two cohorts with alumni and the third cohort of students has started. Again and again, we encountered challenges, but again and again, we also found solutions and were confirmed in our motivation to offer this Master's programme. Because my work will focus more on my expertise around (religious) diversity and citizenship education, I will no longer work as coordinator of this Master’s Programme. Students, (guest) lecturers and other contacts, thank you for giving me a taste of your own experiences, culture and wisdom... It has enriched my life! A new coordinator will be appointed soon, but Ms. Lydia Bor is available as a contact person for all your questions and ideas. 

We thank Hanna for her tremendous commitment and wish her success and blessings in her current duties. 

Start of Master’s in 2024

We intend to have a new cohort starting the Master’s programme every two years, with the next cohort starting in 2024. You can register from November 2023. It is also possible to take individual modules as Short Courses. You can find more information here.