25 October 2022

Wonderfully Made l Growing interest worldwide

Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education sees a growing need for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in the Netherlands as well as in several other countries.

We expect that online materials such as curriculum, powerpoints and booklet will be available from January 2023. You will find more information including training options on: Wonderfully Made English and Spanish 

Growing interest worldwide

In the following countries, we have worked with partners on contextualized of Wonderfully Made: Ethiopia, Papua-Indonesia, Ecuador, India and Germany. Others purchased the program as a ready-to-use program, such as a school in Canada. 

In December we will be close to the introduction of Wonderfully Made Special for young people with Down syndrome (Perspectiva 21-3) and Wonderfully Made Primary for schools and organizations in Ukraine. 

Driestar Christian University has been asked to present the Wonderfully Made program several conferences: European Christian Political Movement (December 2022 -Bratislava, Slovakia) and Christian Schools (February 2023 - Sanwinck, England) 

Core themes of Wonderfully Made

Wonderfully Made is designed and based on biblical values. The following model conveys four guiding themes from which the content of the curriculum has been developed.  

  1.  SELF-IMAGE based on the Christian values of dignity and wonder;  
  2. LASTING RELATIONSHIPS based on the Christian values of love and faithfulness; 
  3. SOCIAL NORMS based on the Christian values of respect and responsibility; 
  4. PROTECTIVE BEHAVIOURS based on the Christian values of self-control and courage.