30 March 2021

Saying goodbye to Jaap Braaksma

Last January programma manager at Driestar Christian University, Jaap Braaksma, announced he was leaving DCU for a new job as team leader at the Jacobus Fruytier Scholengemeenschap in Apeldoorn. He shares his thoughts in this message.

For several weeks now, my workplace has changed as I have left Driestar Christian University.  For many years I made my contribution to the international program of DCU. I have been able to do this with great joy and blessing. It was a real privilege to contribute to the building up of an international network and also to participate in more teacher training developments with the aim of strengthening the international connections in Christian education and equipping young people to become a Christian teacher. United with each other we long to give shape to the body of Christ, in which we are united with all our differences. 

I am grateful for the many encounters I have had with inspiring brothers and sisters in all sorts of cultures. I hope this bond will continue to exist. How that will take shape in the coming years, I do not know yet. I am thankful that DCU continues to look for ways to maintain the international connections in the future. If you want to know more about that, you can send an email to: internationaloffice@driestar-educatief.nl.  

With kind regards,

Jaap Braaksma.