29 March 2021

Online training Christian Teaching

In March DCU started module 1 of the online Christian teacher training for Care Channels Learning Center (CCLC), Lahore, Pakistan. After the summer, more modules will follow.

A group of 16 Pakistani teachers follow the online sessions through MS Teams weekly. Besides the live session, several off-line moments are schedule to enable the group to work on assignments and share experiences. A local moderator (staff member of CCLC) has an important role for the learning process and contextualization of the module content.

DCU has close ties with the Christian school which is located in a Muslim community which acts friendly towards the school. The mission of CCLC is to provide quality education based on Biblical values which are established in the local tradition. ‘By providing a caring and nurturing environment, it seeks to develop in children a love for God, a desire to learn, an appreciation for the community and a continuing respect for themselves and others.’

In module 1 the lecturers reflect on Christian education, and especially on teaching in practice. Being a Christian teacher affects the way you view your students and their parents and how you treat them. It has implications for the content you choose to present and the way in which you present it.

Module 1: Christian education and classroom practice

  1. Classroom communities and moral education
  2. Why, how and what to assess in classroom
  3. Models and foundations for Christian curriculum design

The course is conducted by INCE PSD which is a joint venture between DCU and Woord & Daad, The Netherlands. Lecturers are from DCU as well as from Bradford Christian School (UK).