15 November 2022

In Memoriam: Mr. Piet Booij (1946 – 2022)

Over the years, many of our international visitors have met our former colleague Piet Booij. Last August, we heard that he was seriously ill and had to undergo treatment, after which he passed away on 13 November at the age of 75 years. He is now released from pain and suffering and with God for all eternity.

Piet had been connected to our institute for many years, working as a Maths teacher from 1 August 1971 till 1 August 2011. In addition, he had a passion for internationalisation. He did a lot of work in setting up international project weeks and in supporting Christian education, particularly in Hungary, Ukraine and Romania. 

We were grateful that Piet continued his connection to our institute when he retired in 2011. Many of our international visitors were collected from the airport by him, or he introduced them to the Dutch landscape through visits to windmills and cheese farms, or let them enjoy his cooking skills. 

We have lost in him a great colleague and we are thankful for what he meant to our guests and our institute. We sympathise with his immediate family and pray that the Lord will comfort them in their sadness.