Welcome to the website of the European Conference for Christian Education in the Netherlands (ECCEN).

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ECCEN (European Conference for Christian Education in the Netherlands) organise conferences for school leaders and teachers of Christian Schools across Europe, drawing together different cultures, nationalities and professions within Christian education.

In 2020 we decided to postpone our conference. We are pleased to announce that in 2021 the ECCEN conference will be part of the Intl Educational Leadership Conference (IELC), organised by ACSI Europe.  

We are still considering the possibility of an online event and will make a final decision by January 1. You may register now for the event and we will promptly communicate updates to the programme.

Conference Theme:  "Strategic Initiatives for School Improvement"                                                              Sub-theme: "The Position of Christian Schools in Modern Society"

Our planning is being done cooperatively to provide the most benefit for you and your school. This is event will also be a "blended" event with options to attend from a distance and interact with participants through our Moodle platform and video conferences.

More information: please visit the ACSI Europe website 

Registration will open from November 15, 2020: Registration Link

Conference Goals:

  • Inspire a shared vision for Christian education globally
  • Encourage fellowship among Christian school leaders
  • Encourage developing partnerships for Christian schools
  • Enhance leadership skills through plenary and workshop 

Theme: Strategic Initiatives for School Improvement

How can Christian school leaders deepen a commitment to and strategy for school improvement in their leadership team? How can we work together to create a community where schools can engage in self-assessment, define strategic goals and contribute to strategic development in partnership with other schools as they implement a Christian vision of education? This conference will provide perspectives and meaningful tools to help answer these questions.

Sub-theme: Position of Christian schools in modern society

What is our calling as Christian school leaders in modern society? How can we increase our relevance and act more strategically to benefit both our schools and our pupils?  If the modern world is all about connection, how do we get connected and stay connected? What communication methods do we use?  What language is appropriate?  When should we speak and when should we listen?  How do the principles of wisdom apply to our culture? If you are asking these questions, so are many others.

Our aim at this conference is to learn from each other as well as our speakers who are Christian leaders and influencers from different branches of our society and media.  The conference will feature varied experiences from across Europe and in that spirit we extend a warm welcome to all our international guests.

The main purpose is that we go home encouraged, in connection with God, ourselves, our schools, our politicians, our media, our society.  The conference is also an opportunity to meet, encourage and empower each other. We hope to meet you all in Budapest or online!  You are most welcome!

ECCEN is committed to playing an active role in bringing together all the individual threads of Christian education to foster knowledge, promote the exchange of expertise and to strengthen each other for the future.