16 December 2020

Magazine: To teach is to touch a heart

“It definitely  brings a feeling of motion” - and other experiences from international students.

My name is Viviane  and I come from France. I’ve been in Christian education for 30 years. I was encouraged by the leaders at my school to follow the master’s at DCU. It provides a good foundation for the Christian worldview. I have grown to know my worldview better by formulating it. I had a very good experience on campus. Studying online does require a lot of discipline. The peer coaches are essential, since direct contact with the teachers is rare. But it’s a good alternative and pushes us to be more proactive in improving our knowledge: we are not just fed. I’m now more involved with the staff and students in my home school, because I try to help them understand my process. Besides, I need their help in many ways (such as questionnaires, interviews, and experiments). I think they like it. It definitely brings a feeling of motion. Now the challenge is to get this motion going in the right direction and do it in synergy with the school I work in.”

This story comes from our new magazine ‘To teach is to touch a heart’, which we present to you here.

With gratitude we are pleased to present to you our new magazine To teach is to touch a heart. In this magazine you will find stories of students and partners from different countries with whom we work together to improve Christian education worldwide. 

This gives you a good overview of our international activities: study programmes, training courses and products. We hope these stories inspire you once again for your work in education!

You can use this magazine to encourage other teachers to follow a course or programme with regards to Christian education. We hope that our programmes and services will continue to inspire and provide support for students, teachers and schools worldwide.

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