9 October 2018

New: 'The Essence of Christian Teaching', a joint publication by DCU and ACSI Europe.

The new book consists of essential building blocks of Christian education, which challenge the readers to rethink and deepen their practice of teaching in their own situation.

The English version of The Essence of Christian Teaching has been available for quite some years now. A new edition was published in September 2018. DCU and ACSI Europe have noticed a growing interest in the book from several, international educational contexts. Through this book both organisations aim at inspiring and equipping people working in the field of education.

This book clearly articulates that important truth in a concise, accessible form, urging readers beyond the “how” of Christian education to the “why”!

- John Conaway (editor for ACSI for 12 years and experience for 40 years as an editor of educational materials mostly for Christian churches and schools)


Chapter 1: Orientation (Purpose of Christian education)

Chapter 2: Teacher and student

Chapter 3: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Didactics

Chapter 4: The school as community

Chapter 5: Not all education is alike

Feedback from several international backgrounds

 Educationalists from England, South-Africa, Hungary and the USA have given comments on the international version. The internationals were brought forward by the authors of the book, ACSI Europe and the DCU international department.

Official presentation of the book

The book was presented at the European Conference for Christian Education in the Netherlands (ECCEN) last September.

Next book presentations will be at:

- ACSI Leadership Conference in Budapest, Hungary (27 February – 2 March 2019).

- Christian Schools’ Trust Conference, England (15 - 17 February 2019).

The Essential Christian Teacher - training

 Together with Phill Moon (Bradford Christian School/Hope in Education), DCU will continue the development of a training that goes with the book The Essence of Christian Teaching.

Read and order 

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The book is available in our webshop and through the website ACSI Europe.

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