PhD studies

Here you will find an overview of current PhD studies in progress.

PhD research in Christian Education

Cooperation with Theological University of Apeldoorn

In a cooperation involving Driestar Christian University in Gouda and the Theological University in Apeldoorn, these institutions offer the opportunity to start a PhD project in the domain of Christian Education. Graduates with a MSc or an MEd certificate who can show satisfactory research capacity can apply to start a PhD study.

Research interest

The primary research interest of the chair in Christian Education is the furthering of faith development of children and young people in family, church and school. We are interested in studies into the character of the formation process and the role that identity agents have therein. Much is already known about the role of parents. Not so much, however, is known about the contribution of professional educators in school and church. We believe that those agents are, in a way, instruments in God’s hands. Educators, in whichever role they appear, can grow in wisdom by biblically reflecting on their task. The ideal of Driestar Christian University and TUA is to support educators in this process. With the help of high quality empirical and/or conceptual studies, they aim to support all agents involved in facilitating faith development. We would like to collect and compare knowledge about educators’ practices and the way they develop to be a Christian educator. Applicants are invited to articulate a specific research question with regard to developing young people or with regard to educators. We promote the development of practical tools for education, for example following action research. 

Information about procedures, formal requirements and the graduate program in which PhD studies are embedded, can be found on the website

Bram de Muynck PhD (1961) is professor of education (research area: Personhood formation and Identity) at Driestar Christian University in Gouda, the Netherlands and professor of Education at the Theological University Apeldoorn. He obtained his master’s degree in clinical psychology, with specific focus on children with special needs and he holds a PhD in philosophy of education. Currently, he supervises PhD studies in Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit and Protestant Theological University) and Canterbury (Christ Church University). He has published articles on worldview, identity of education, spirituality and personhood formation. He is a regional editor of the International Journal of Christianity and Education (SAGE) and academic dean of Driestar’s master programme Learning and innovation.