7 July 2021

Less is more ‘Design Diamond’

Teaching from a Christian perspective is one of the key areas the Research Centre of Driestar Christian University focusses on.

In 2019 Piet Murre PhD delivered his inaugural address on this theme and an extended version was published. We are happy to announce that the English translation is available, titled ‘Less is more’. Less is more is one of the seven design principles of the Design Diamond, as highlighted in the book. There are six more, which taken together help Christian teachers to design and teach lessons from a Christian perspective. It facilitates an approach in which teaching Christianly makes sense, is holistic, natural (no icing on the cake), and pervasive. The booklet underpins the principles by drawing from teaching practice and scholarly sources (both secular and Christian), as well as from ontological, epistemological and pedagogical notions. The final part of the book provides a worked example from a real lesson, which illustrates how the Design Diamond works in practice. 

Click here to read the publication 'Less is more'

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