28 June 2024

International visit I PhD students

Last weeks, we have had several phd students (from Haïti, Nepal, India and Burkina Faso) at our university, who were here for self-study and group supervision led by our Professor Bram de Muynck. Following this, they had the Graduate Week at the Theological University in Apeldoorn.

These international guests have connected with our college students in various ways. Among other things, they have been interviewed several times, Jean Darius from Haiti attended a music lesson (he is a conductor) and Jean and Singi (Nepal) contributed in Peter van Olst's Other Traditions lecture to pabo-3 students in preparation for their internationalisation in year 4.

In addition, last Monday Jean Darius gave a meditation during the weekly opening on following Matthew 4. Jean Darius is currently the president of the Université Chrétienne du Nord d' Haiti (UCNH). At a time of unprecedented unrest and uncertainty in his country, he has the task of leading this educational institution. He said he is passionate about working with local and international partners to develop excellence in education steeped in Christian values. Besides his work as 'president' of the University, he is also a pastor. 

In his reflection, he told, among other things: 'Jesus is knocking at the hearts of our doors of our lifes. God wants us to be followers. 'Keep on following Me, keep on listening to Me, keep on...'