16 June 2022

Rens Rottier steps down at the end of 2022 as board member

Rens Rottier has decided to step down as chairman of the Executive Board of Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education at the end of 2022. This brings an end to almost 25 years of administrative responsibility for our instituteYet Rens Rottier wants to put his knowledge and experience at the service of Christian education for a few more years. 

Career at Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education 

Rens Rottier started as a member of the executive board of Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education in 1998. He was appointed chairman of the board the following year. After the merger with the school advice service (BGS), he became general director. When the executive board model was introduced, this changed to chairman of the board of directors.  

Leading educational organisation

In the past 25 years, under his leadership Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education has grown into a leading educational organisation that serves Christian education in the Netherlands and worldwide with higher vocational training and guidance of schools and pupils. In addition to training programmes for teachers in primary and secondary education and pedagogy, Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education also offers a range of educational consultancy activities.  

Guiding principle

Wim Büdgen, chairman of the supervisory board, praises Rottier's contribution to the development of Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education. "Person and work are strongly interwoven with Rens. Three guiding principles characterise his entire educational life: a strong focus on the content and design of education, inspiring and coaching people in the field of education to develop themselves further and the ongoing research into how all of this could be improved. And beneath all this lies a deep foundation: that Christian education must be founded on the only source of all wisdom, Jesus Christ.” 

Preserving and building 

Wim Büdgen recognises Rottier’s commitment also at Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education. “Education, educational advice and research are the pillars of the organisation. Rens persistently seeks to integrate those pillars together with his people. I see this as his legacy. The task for the future is to preserve and expand that legacy.”  


After his departure, Rens Rottier intends to continue serving the Christian education sector for a few more years. The details of that will take shape later. After the summer of 2022 further information will be provided about the way in which the succession of Rens Rottier will be arranged. 

To our international relations 

Rens Rottier: “I would like to personally inform you that I am going to conclude my work as director of Driestar Christian University for Teacher Education. I will remain in charge until 31 December 2022. What I will do after that is not yet clear. In the past year I have been thinking about my work, my job and my future. That reflection brought me to  the decision to finish my role as chairman of the board of directors. I am grateful to have been able to lead this fine institution and all the people who work there. It is a blessing to be able to work in Christian education. And to be able to build Christian education with our institute. And I am grateful that God has given me the strength and the ability to do this. If God gives it, I hope to be able to serve Christian education in another way in the years to come. I have also really enjoyed all the international contacts. I thank you for that!”