7 July 2021

Online Seminar INCE Nepal - Curriculum development

During the months of April and May, INCE Product & Solution Development (working from DCU) has delivered an online seminar on curriculum development for INCE Nepal.

The online training should be exemplary for a curriculum process development. Skills and knowledge that are needed to become a good curriculum developer were at the core of the course. The main goal of the seminar was to become more equipped to train basic school teachers which will contribute to the dream of improving the education in Nepal.  

Main themes

  1. Inclusive curriculum development for Basic teacher training (theory) 
  2. Guidance and feedback on materials already developed by INCE Nepal (practice) 

Themes specified

  • Introduction 
  • Needs analysis 
  • Concepts of learning
  • Road map development for students - learning process 
  • Assessment and testing 
  • Monitoring the quality and follow-up 

Seminar set-up  

The participants of the seminar were from Early Childhood Education Centre, Nepal Open University, Gandaki University, NLA University College and several model schools in Nepal. 

International team of lecturers

The team of lecturers consisted of the professor of education school subjects and pedagogy, an educational consultant and a senior researcher from DCU. Also a higher education  consultant from ACSI Global was involved and brought in experience from Asia and Africa.  

“From the seminar for curriculum development organized by INCE, I have gone more deeper understating in curriculum development process. The designed diamond and the roadmap framing for curriculum development showed the clear picture to move forward in curriculum development. it has enhanced my skills and thought broader ways which will help me to develop curriculum for courses for ECEC”  (Singi Lhomi) 

“As for me, all the sessions have been very helpful and reflective. The session on steps for Need Analysis and Road map helped me more to understand more about how and what I should do before I start the curriculum writing process. The questions that followed in the process and the practical assignment provided us with an opportunity to process and come up with strategy that need to be adopted. Now we are working together in a team to formulate our curriculum in a better way. All the sessions provided us with more insight into what has to be considered while writing the curriculum. I extend my gratitude to all the professors for their valuable contribution.” (Meena Karki).