Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for International Students following education in The Netherlands is intended to ensure that foreign students are informed correctly, in good time and completely with regard to the higher education that they intend to follow in The Netherlands.

Our institute observes the code and is therefore included in the register. By signing the Code of Conduct, our institute commits itself to providing reliable and easily accessible information to international students about study programmes. Specifically, this includes information such as accreditation status, quality and admission requirements, as well as many more important rules and procedures for international students.

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Submission of complaints

Should a person be of the opinion that the institute does not adhere to the Code of Conduct for International Students in Higher Education in The Netherlands or not do so correctly, a complaint should be drawn to the attention of our university. Such complaints should be addressed to:

CvB Driestar educatief
P.O. Box 368
2800 AJ GOUDA, The Netherlands

Should a complaint not be dealt with properly in the opinion of the person concerned or should the institute still be negligent in the observance of the code, the notice of complaint can then be sent to the National Commission Code of Conduct. The address of the National Commission is:

National Commission Code of Conduct
Postbus 260
9700 AG Groningen, The Netherlands

Should the National Commission declare that a complaint is valid it may determine to have the college deleted from the Register of Institutes for Higher Education, which records those observing the code. In such a case the foreign students will not be able to obtain a residence permit in order to follow a course at the college.


More information on the Code of Conduct for International Students in Dutch Higher Education is available from the International Office.