Application Short course

If you would like to apply, please register by filling in the application form. In this application process you will need your Curriculum Vitae.

Application procedure 

  1. Foreign students only: After receiving your application, we will send you details for you to take an online English test. 
  2. After receiving your application, we will have an informal Skype conversation and consider your admission to the short course. 
  3. After admission, our International Office will advise you on the preparations for your stay. 
  4. Check the preparation-stay site and the site for information on Visa procedures.  
  5. Check the website  for grants and scholarships. 
  6. Feel free to contact Ms. E.L. (Lydia) Bor if you would like more information about the programme and about admission.   


Application deadlines 

Short Course: Christian Perspective on Education (SC-CPE)

Registration for the short Course SC-CPE  2022-2023 is closed. Registration for the course in 2024-2025 will open in October 2023. 

Short Course: Developing Organisations and People (SC-DOP)
Registration for the short Course SC-DOP 2022-2023 is closed. 

Short Course: Religious Education (SC-RE)

Registration Deadline: 15  March 2023.

Short Course: Transforming Society (SC-TS)

Registration Deadline: 15  October 2023. 

Personal information
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Financial information
Scholarship information
As a student you have to arrange your own financial support/funding. If you will apply for a scholarship, please mention the scholarship (Erasmus+, OKP...).
Please check 'Study abroad' for more information about VISA
Sending institute/workplace
Educational information
Motivation to apply
Field work experiences and other work experiences, from/till
How do you relate to our core values?
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