Application Master Learning and Innovation: Track Christian Education

Before applying to this Master's track, please read the following information carefully.

Application procedure

To apply (with the intention to) follow the entire master’s degree: 

  1. Register your application at (website is available in English).
    Dutch students can log in with their DigiD code. Foreign students have to create a ‘Studielink-account without DigiD’ and then choose the option ‘Log in without DigiD’.
  2. Also (!) fill in the application form below and upload the following documents in this form. 
      1. Copy of your passport/ID-card;
      2. Degree certification (in English);
      3. Certified copy of your degree transcript (in English);
      4. Motivation letter (Why are you willing to attend the master’s programme?);
      5. Recommendation letter written by someone working in the context where your research and innovation will take place (Why would he/she recommend that you will attend the master’s programme?);
      6. Curriculum Vitae;
      7. Digital photograph. 
  3. After receiving your documents, we will send you a form to write an admission interview document (this document includes a description of your current work situation, along with a possible innovation or research subject) that you can use to prepare your admission interview. We will also send you more information about the English language test. The test results should be available at latest 48 hours before the admission interview. You will have an admission interview with the dean and/or the course coordinator of the Learning and Innovation Master’s programme. This conversation is meant to help us get to know each other better and to explore what possible innovation or research subjects are  in your current work situation. This conversation is planned for 24 April 2024 (for non-EU/EEA) and 18 June 2024 (for EU/EEA) via MS TEAMS.

  4. If you are accepted for the Master’s programme and your financial obligations have been met, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance. From then on you are officially registered as our student and can prepare for your study.

Application Deadlines 

Registration for the master programme 2024-2026 is open now. 

Academic deadline for application for non EU/EEA applicants: 15 April 2024.

Academic deadline for non-fellowship and EU/EEA applicants: before 1 May 2024.

Personal information
Professional information
Contact information
Financial information
Scholarship information
As a student you have to arrange your own financial support/funding. If you will apply for a scholarship, please mention the scholarship (Erasmus+, OKP...).
Please check 'Study abroad' for more information about VISA
Sending institute/workplace
Educational information
Field work experiences and other work experiences, from/till
How do you relate to the mission and vision of our institute?
Obligatory attachments - Please upload the following documents with the upload button.
Motivation to apply and your goals for this Master's course