Our partners

International partnerships support the mission of Driestar Christian University (DCU) for Christian education worldwide. These partnerships facilitate the exchange of students and staff and support the collaboration to enhance the quality of Christian education around the globe.

Our partners

DCU is a member of the International Network for Christian Higher Education (INCHE)
INCHE is a global group of Christian institutions, affiliates, and individuals who serve Jesus Christ as Lord in the development of integral Christian higher education. Together, this is achieved by sharing information and research, equipping others with training and scholarship, and cultivating enduring relationships through networking and mutual exchange.

Within the framework the Erasmus+ programme we partner with universities in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Romania, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.
Outside Europe we partner with universities in Ghana, South Africa and South Korea.

To reach Christian schools worldwide DCU is in close contact with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). ACSI is connected with 24.000 schools in 108 countries.

Together with the Dutch development NGO Woord en Daad, DCU started the International Network for Christian Education (INCE). DCU is a strategic partner of INCE. The aim of INCE is to structurally improve the quality of Christian Education benefitting children and youngsters by sharing the knowledge, experience and identity of Driestar University and Woord en Daad and other network members within this network through the establishment of teacher training institutes and school advisory service and quality and accreditation systems.