1 September 2022

International class 2022: “Learning by differences”

The eyes of the other mirror myself. That’s why Driestar hogeschool welcomes 8 international students at the end of august. For 3 months those students are thinking about the meaning of global Christian education, together with 9 Dutch students. 

On Wednesday 31 august the foreign students present themselves and their countries. They come from Ukraine, Rumania, Tanzania and Nepal. The presentations on Ukraine are rather impressive; due to the current war the Ukrainians aren’t sure about their homes; they may be destroyed when they’re going to return. The Rumanian Beáta Napsugár put attention to the beautiful mountains of the Carpathians, covered with snow, where tourists could ski. Other point of attention is the sky blue Black Sea, such as Dracula’s fortress which stood in Rumania, according to lots of vampire legends. 
“I learn lots about myself”
 Vera Rufulahisa Mutakyahwa comes from Tanzania. Passionately she tells about her country where the highest mountain of Africa is situated, the Kilimanjaro. Vera also tells about the mesmerizing lake Victoria with its high waterfalls, before telling about her dream: teaching poor children. For all students the presentations are amazing. Alina from Ukraine tells: “I got so many new interesting impressions that time really seems to fly”. “ I learn lots about myself by dealing with international students”, tells another student passionately. “We’re incredibly different, so that we enriched each other a lot!” 

About the International Class

The International Class is a minor program of Driestar hogeschool in which international and Dutch students hang around with each other during a few months. The most important subject is Christian teachership; what does Christian education mean and what’s your role in it as a teacher? The students attend classes together and get along with each other a lot. The foreign students learn much about different educational concepts in the Netherlands. 
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