22 March 2021

Update courses 2021-2022

Update courses academic year 2021-2022:

  • International Class
  • Master track: Christian Education.

International Class l Online version l start: 30 August 

Since 2010 we offer an international programme at our institute, the International Class. Since then every year we invited students from different cultural backgrounds and views on education to join our local students in discussing education and teaching. Gouda was our location. At the moment it is difficult to know if traveling is possible in August/September, therefore we made the decision to offer an online version of this his programme.  

Please find HERE an outline of the programme.

Do you want to join? Please contact Ms. E.L. (Lydia) Bor

Master Learning and Innovation. Track: Christian Education   

After extensive deliberations with all parties involved in our Master's Programme Learning and Innovation, track: Christian Education, we have had to make the decision that unfortunately this programme will not start in September 2021, but in September 2022. This decision was made due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. We realize that this is a disappointment! We will use the upcoming year to further reflect on making the Master’s Programme more flexible in order to better fit the context/situation of you as prospective students.